1. I read the words, but I don’t understand what Tolkien is saying. I’m getting duller (or is it “more dull”? See?!). Too much internet, not enough books.
  2. Coconut creamer just isn’t the same. I don’t know how you vegans do it.
  4. Pruning is not punishment.
  5. Flow state is a state of grace. Striving is the enemy of flow.
  6. Lemon sponge roll with marscapone cream and strawberry filling
  7. “The amount of crying about how much they don’t want to go to sleep is directly proportionate to the amount they absolutely need to go to sleep.”
  8. She’s picking up on something stirring in the atmosphere. Something unseen, unaddressed. It wakes her up at night. I guilt myself for not being whatever enough to protect her, though I’m not sure what she needs protection from.
  9. Systems are key. You (I) can never have too many systems.
  10. Females are strong as hell.

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