Of accidentally joining the 5am club, being largely disappointed with myself all day, and sweet sleep.

  1. I snap awake in thin light after four hours of sleep, and there’s no going back. Welcome to the 5am club, sucker.
  2. A strange bird skitters along the ground, never taking flight.
  3. It takes eight handwritten pages and a thousand words that have no synthesis to name what I’m feeling.
  4. I’m irritated that I’m irritated about using the first hours of my day for a leisurely breakfast with my family at a friend’s cafe instead of crushing my to-do list and adjusting to working for myself again. What is wrong with me.
  5. She doesn’t outright say it was stupid of me to run this morning, but it was. I’m hurt. There are gentler ways to give my body what it craves.
  6. I work in a different sort of library today. The silence is lovely; the solitude, more so.
  7. How can I be busy all day and not have accomplished anything I meant to?
  8. A long-overdue house dinner.
  9. She rolls in her bed, chatting to herself, going on for a second hour after bedtime. It’s both adorable and infuriating. Naps are definitely over.
  10. Early to bed, early to rise makes a girl do all the self-care she needs in order to not go completely batshit.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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