Of adjusting poorly, a mighty sneeze, and how being a decent baker doesn’t help you make a fridge pie.

  1. The 5am Club meets on weekends.
  2. My stomach growls early, and breakfast doesn’t sate. I’m not adjusting.
  3. Another one of those frustrating days I spend driving between destinations getting very little done except crushing my podcast backlog. I try to look at it as an investment in self-care: forced rest.
  4. “I think he’s in orbit.”
  5. On June 29th, it will be four years since I last published a novel. It feels like seeing your first love at a wedding: nostalgic longing unhinged from place and time, both aching to recapture what was and grateful that it’s over.
  6. What do you say after 1o years?
  7. Thought for thought versus word for word.
  8. Banoffee soup.
  9. You know it’s real when you can talk God and politics around the table for five hours and still be friends when you leave.
  10. Benedryl.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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