Of interesting job prospects, being bested by a toddler, and the sad fact that a bath comes at the very bottom of my to-do list.

  1. I’m so engrossed in compiling my application that I lose track of time. I spot the clock in my peripheral vision when I meander into the kitchen for a refill and yelp out loud, then dash upstairs to rouse the troops. I hope it’s a good omen.
  2. The words we speak are the house we live in.
  3. Stage one rockets, away.
  4. I add another oversized cloth bag to the stash–reminders of how she shows her love.
  5. Two out of three naps.
  6. By the time I emerge from her room, I’m thoroughly beaten. I shouldn’t be. I should be stronger, able to brush off her casual slander and lies. All I am tonight is sad.
  7. The smell of warm tires inside the house. I’m concerned but don’t know what to check for.
  8. It’s like six conversations at once, all different people, all different topics and volumes and cadences, all important, all time-sensitive.
  9. I want to drown it all in water hot enough to scald, to soak aching limbs and a battered soul until my vision swims and I can barely stagger to bed fast enough to catch myself swooning into sleep. But I won’t. Because there’s work to be done. Always more work.
  10. Her message comes at the perfect moment–a buoy as I start to slip under. She’s the master.

Author: Ellie

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