Of talking to the floor, talking in the library, and talking myself out of peace.

  1. “Wake up and tell me about it.”
  2. The best part is the softness of his face. A little boy with the reflection of fireworks in his eyes.
  3. Swiss chard, green onion, tomatoes.
  4. I know from the delay what’s going to happen. The only question is if I push or wait.
  5. “What do I need to do today?” I ask the floorboards, running my index finger along the crease between my eyebrows. “What is needful?”
  6. Schedule all the things!
  7. I’m That Guy Taking a Phone Call in the Library.
  8. The culture of whiteness and other uncomfortably necessary topics.
  9. It’s the lack of rage that I notice most. Moments, behaviours, habits, words that last week I’d clenched my jaw against as if to bite them in half with my frustration now leave only the faintest taste in my mouth before they’re forgotten.
  10. I’m less certain now than when we started the conversation.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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