Of colds, burning the ships, damn fine cake, and how much I hate fireworks.

  1. Yesterday’s clouds burn away in the rising sunlight that trickles in through grimy windows to wake me before the alarm. Tis the season.
  2. Speak, whether they listen or not.
  3. Bless you, neti pot.
  4. Singing with loud abandon never fails to clear whatever disgusting blockages a cold puts on my voice, my mind, my soul. When worship ends, I feel healed.
  5. Burn the ships.
  6. My anger at witnessing witholding–and its see-through cover up–is sharp and desperate. Tell me the truth. Even if it hurts. Let’s handle it together.
  7. It’s our first real kid birthday party (even though it’s also his party, too), and I had no idea how much running I’d be doing. I barely spoke to anyone, took only a few pictures, wasn’t present with my child or my husband for their special day. Did I Martha this up?
  8. Damn, that’s some good cake.
  9. I hate fireworks . I love fireworks, just not in my neighborhood. Less in the adjoining yard. Less-less now that I have a small child trying to sleep.
  10. Shower.

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