Of a certain kind of adventurer, my plan for old age, and a quiet Southern dinner.

  1. Upsetting dreams wake me just before the alarm. The more entwined we become, the more his disturbance disturbs me.
  2. Is there a word for an adventurer who goes into the unknown simply to learn whatever they can, as much as they can, then return to share the wonder and knowledge with their people?
  3. The key to the gift is in the delivery.
  4. Dear Caffeine: I miss you.
  5. “You mean I read you a story when you go to sleep and I tuck you in and give you a baby and turn off the light and go downstairs?” “Yeah, baby, one day. One day when you’re big and I’m old, maybe you’ll take care of me like I take care of you now.” She thinks about this for a long time but says nothing. I do, too.
  6. Why is it so hard to articulate the exhaustion from energy spent on unresolved things?
  7. Good Lord, it’s a gorgeous day.
  8. Can’t say I’m surprised, although I am a bit disappointed.
  9. Grilled sausage, apple coleslaw, baked beans, roasted potatoes, cornbread, and pecan pie.
  10. Even more behind but unashamed.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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