Of benediction, memory, and tessellations.

  1. One solitary degree outside. An extra sweater. Peach tea in the coffee.
  2. They give me an apple, red and shining and perfect—a benediction. Go and do what you are made for. New teachers are always nervous.
  3. Artists ship.
  4. “Was that a story you just told me? About when I was a tiny baby?” “Yeah, baby.” “Why?” “Well, everything is a story, baby. Everything you do. Even when God made the world, he did it with a story.” “Wow….”
  5. I hate phoning it in. I could skip to catch up, but I’m enjoying doing something outside my usual. Something is better than nothing.
  6. She sits in my lap briefly at circle time, my arms wrapped around her not-so-little-anymore body. I sense her growing strength, her growing understanding, her growing up. I squeeze her too hard and she squirms away, sensing only adventure.
  7. Tessellations of people.
  8. I champion the virtues of the internet, of social media. They champion the virtues of my voice, of my call.
  9. “What is time for?”
  10. We stay up far too late talking about what he saw, heard, learned. I’m bleary and fading but can’t leave the moment of witnessing his transformation.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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