Of taking thoughts captive, bread betrayal, and fake geek girlness.

  1. The phone vibrating on the end table pumps me too full of adrenaline to sleep longer. Grateful and annoyed.
  2. I pull out the thought slowly, careful not to leave any fragments behind. It emerges as a thick, black, ball of sludge dripping crimson in my fingers. I hand it to him. And suddenly, I can think of it out there rather than living it in here.
  3. I’m idly ruminating about Christmas. This week-to-week existence makes it simultaneously easier and so much harder to think about the future.
  4. We walk the aisles, dodging cosplayers and children and forty-year-olds in Naruto shirts, each of us marveling at different wonders, each of us immersed in the pure joy of the day, our cares and charges almost forgotten for a few precious hours.
  5. Indie vs mainstream. In vs out. Real vs fake.
  6. Seems I was right about bread triggering my low-grade cold symptoms. Crap. First caffeine, now this?!
  7. Their minds are so different from ours. Their world is so different.
  8. “I have a right to wear that shirt,” I say, laughing but serious. I did the time; I feel the love. But if quizzed on minutia, would they strip me of that right?
  9. Still full at bedtime from four slices at lunch, my body finally satiated after two hollow days.
  10. Where are those wagon wheels?

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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