Of risking being seen, poor laundry skills, and music to work to.

  1. I hate the darkness that haunted me more when I see it in others than I did in myself.
  2. Emails sent with nervous hands. Stepping out of the comfort of shadows and into the risk of light.
  3. Time to admit the winter.
  4. We have to go home after an hour to face the consequences of her choices. I observe my own anger from a distance, reminding myself that consistency and word-keeping pay off. Eventually.
  5. Pretty sure I ruined that pillow.
  6. Everyone’s in a bad mood, our individual moods feeding off each other and growing into one giant mood that threatens to take down the house. So I go out.
  7. Skull: the foundation material of the greatest creation.
  8. Released. (Shit, now what?)
  9. I wish I could fix it for him. I wish I could slip my hand between his ribs and winnow out the sadness from his heart with my fingertips, then watch his face soften and smooth as peace fills in the gaps.
  10. LoFiChillHopCatchUp

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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