1. The alarm goes off at 5:30–half an hour after I wake up.
  2. Today, we are three.
  3. I push away the momguilt of the actual day being less than special and replace it with prayers for kindness, gentleness, peace, and joy.
  4. I also make chocolate chip donuts at the last minute to send with her to school. Because you can’t win ’em all.
  5. Pack her off to care, balance bank account, Polo with Mom, reply to emails, write the post, write the letter, call insurance, book one eye exam and three dentist appointments, accidentally fall into pruning her memory box, feels, donation dropoff, coffee shop to cram in client work, world’s fastest and lightest Costco run, race through Walmart for essentials, pick her up, make and eat dinner, fight through bedtime, run to toy store to pick up a gift, make lunch for zoo tomorrow, ablute, remember at the last second to Notice.
  6. All that TA DA! material, and I still feel like I “lost” because I didn’t have time for a full grocery shop.
  7. I regret not wearing a coat–12C is not the same with and without sun–but pretend I’m from here.
  8. A giant bag of muffins says, “I love you.”
  9. So. Very. Tired.
  10. Affirmation: The vanilla almond milk will be better in my coffee than the coconut creamer.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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