Of a damn fine fake cheese sandwich, counting down baby snuggles, and what the heck with this Murakami.

  1. My hip tweaks so badly and suddenly I cry out from the corner elliptical. I cover my mouth, embarrassed and thankful that the 6:30am crowd is too sleepy to notice. That MRI needs to be soon.
  2. Its that time of year when I can’t dress myself. Cool mornings, hot afternoons; frigid AC, steamy cars. I remind myself to be grateful for the sun—it will be cold soon enough.
  3. At some point you have to engage with the process, when you have to grow instead of being grown. The passive has to become active.
  4. Incisive. Insightful. Innovative.
  5. I am. You are.
  6. Role reversal over vegan baked goods.
  7. He never asked for help or rescue, only for comfort in his torment.
  8. We read long stories in my bed after she’s sung to herself for an hour in hers instead of napping. I note the dark circles under her eyes and wonder how many of these days, these snuggle-in-the-afternoon-sun-with-my-curly-haired-baby days, are left to us.
  9. The first meeting of the second wave.
  10. Finding out she loves Murakami makes me wonder why I don’t. What am I missing in these meandering stories that manage to be overwrought in simple words?

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