Of car doors, book sales, and blamecasting.

  1. I reject the voice that tells me to feel guilty for choosing rest over work, even when I love the work.
  2. First impressions aren’t always right.
  3. The paper is smaller, thinner. It’s easier to find the puzzle, but I wonder if anyone younger than 50 still reads the news in print.
  4. The gift of an unexpected car wash.
  5. I smash my fingertip in the book return and flash back to my chubby little kid hand being slammed in the car door. Pain on many levels.
  6. I buy more books at the thrift store than at the library book sale.
  7. Soon.
  8. The budget gnaws at my subconscious. We planned and saved and stockpiled so well, but only for the three months we expected to stay. We’re reaching the end of those preparations—and then?
  9. If she goes back into casts, it’s our fault. No getting around it.
  10. I almost forgot this time. Thankfully I remember my password and use my phone to finish.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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