Of spirit sassiness, creative challenges, and what women talk about around the dinner table.

  1. Regrounding hurts.
  2. “Quit caffeine, let her go, connect more with him, and it wouldn’t kill you to drink more water and eat less bread.” This is how the Holy Spirit talks to me.
  3. I make the list on paper and instantly feel capable, secure, and productive. It’s time to accept that after ten years of trying to go digital, it ain’t happening.
  4. I write goodbye-thankyou-iloveyou cards I’ve been putting off because they feel so final. Because they are. Another cord cut, another step forward.
  5. The push-me, pull-you of duty and desire, the instinct to help versus the need for boundaries.
  6. I’m so proud of him for going. My only regret is I won’t get to hear about it until tomorrow.
  7. Inktober. NaNoWriMo. Internet Advent (is that a thing)?
  8. We talk about what’s funny, being present in worship, tattooing on eyebrows, the economic and sociopolitical impact of education cuts, and other lady things for five hours. I soak up every precious minute, suddenly aware of the depth and breadth of these friendships.
  9. Freedom.
  10. Six hours isn’t going to be enough, is it?

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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