Of crying at the gym, the meaning of a moment, and watching where you sit.

  1. Up with the alarm. I may not be the president of the 5am Club anymore, but I’m at least the treasurer.
  2. I’m grateful there are so few people at the gym. Less witnesses to the tears dropping onto the borrowed mat as I stretch scarred muscles. Was it the house cleaning? Too much sodium? Nothing at all?
  3. Outside insider.
  4. We get real over eggs and coffee. My heart aches over the situation, but there is so much beauty in the struggle—wisdom born of faith.
  5. The most meaningful unit of time is the moment.
  6. The dollar store has exploded with two aisles of Christmas decor; the fall equinox is on Monday. I buy marshmallow Halloween candy in (delicious) protest.
  7. In between. Always in between.
  8. We talk like it hasn’t been three years. I miss her laugh almost as much her practical compassion.
  9. I sat in pee.
  10. It’s not what we planned but so much more. The power of the table.

Author: Ellie

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