Of wee friendships, a worrisome hip, and the sheer thrill of the bigness of God.

  1. Floppy hat, sunglasses, deck chair, coconut drink—all within the realm of possibility. But one wrong word breaks the illusion, and I know instantly whose voice I’ve been listening to all these weeks.
  2. Damn, Joyce.
  3. There’s never enough time. There’s never enough money. And it’s my choice how I handle it.
  4. “I trust you to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s bullshit.”
  5. She sprints up and nearly tackles her to the ground, both of them shrieking with glee. They hold hands on the walk home. I almost feel indecent overseeing their naked delight at being together.
  6. Re-entry is going smoother than anticipated.
  7. $50K and climbing.
  8. Ow. Twice in an hour. Not a good sign.
  9. I’m laughing in class—not quietly. I’m sure the other students think I’m being pretentious or whatever, but I’m laughing because of how damn happy the subject makes me. The wonder and insane scope of it all overfills me with joy that spills out in giggles and guffaws. It (he) really is so, so awesome.
  10. This is not a neighborhood for the faint of nose.

Author: Ellie

Uppity stardust. Will eat (almost) anything.

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