Need words?
Don’t want to write them?

I got you.

In the past ten years, I’ve written close to a million words–some of them quite good. While my best work is done in fiction, I have a particular flair for heartfelt lifestyle/self-help materials, and I’m experienced all over the spectrum from academic papers to blog posts to 10-minute speeches to Instagram content to full-length novels.

If that sounds like you and your project, read on!


BEFORE: Once you fill out the form below to give me the overview of your project, I’ll send you a few questions via email to tease out the important details (including, but not limited to: style, audience, length, deadline, work you’ve already done). There might be a short phone call if it’s large or complicated or you’re still brainstorming. All free with no commitment required.

DURING: If we’re compatible, we’ll solidify terms via written agreement with digital signatures and partner up to bring your words into the world. I’ll get to writing and send you updates along the way according to the schedule we agree on. I might touch base with you via email or phone to clarify, research, or explain things, depending on the project.

AFTER: When it’s finished, you’ll get the document(s) in Word and PDF format. I’ll send your final invoice, you’ll confirm you’re happy with the work, then we’ll settle up and go our separate ways.

IMPORTANT: You own and retain the rights to all material I’ve written as part of your project, unless otherwise laid out in the terms of our agreement. This is your baby.


All writing work is billed at $50 USD per hour, with partial hours rounded to the next 15-minute mark.

This covers not just time spent writing, but research, emails/calls with you, formatting, and any other project-related time and effort as necessary. All of this will be painstakingly documented in a timesheet that will be available to you as part of our agreement.

NOTE: If your project is super straightforward, I may be able to offer your a lower rate. Inquire below!


Please fill out the form below with your info, including a brief summary of the topic and scope your project, and I’ll get back to you ASAP to get full details and give you an estimate for price and turnaround time.