It takes a special kind of person to find joy in correcting grammar errors. Fortunately, a lifelong fascination with language arts combined with an innate eye for detail and a perfectionist streak has made me exactly that kind of special. 

For over 15 years, I’ve worked as a freelance editor and copywriter for clients ranging from fiction writers to academic researchers to lifestyle bloggers to game designers. I’ve even written my own material. I get weirdly deep satisfaction from taking a rough manuscript, tidying and polishing it, and returning it to its creator in its best possible form.


BEFORE: Once you fill out the form below, I’ll send you a few questions via email to get the important details, and you’ll send your project file(s) for me to review.

DURING: If we’re compatible, we’ll solidify terms via written agreement with digital signatures and I’ll get to work. I’ll use Track Changes and comments in Microsoft Word to make it easy to follow what I’ve done, send you updates if it’s a long project, and possibly touch base with you via email if something needs clarification or explanation.

AFTER: When the project is finished, you’ll get the document(s) sent to you in Word and PDF format. I’ll send your final invoice, you’ll confirm you’re happy with the work, then we’ll settle up and go our separate ways.

IMPORTANT: You own and retain the rights to your project, including anything I’ve added/written as part of it, unless otherwise laid out in the terms of our agreement. This is your baby.


All editing work is billed by the page, defined as 250 words in Microsoft Word, with partial pages rounded up.

Proofreading only [mechanics, grammar, punctuation, spelling, tenses, usage, formatting, etc]: $2.00 USD per page

Content only [clarity, style, voice, concept, tone, characters, consistency, rewrite suggestions, etc]: $3.00 USD per page

Combined proofreading and content : $5.00 per page

Additional passes are billed at 50% of the original invoice.

NOTE: If your project is super straightforward, I may be able to offer you a lower rate. Inquire below!


Please fill out the form below with your info, including a brief summary of your project, and I’ll get back to you ASAP to get full details and give you an estimate for price and turnaround time.